Tehovarastot Oy

Tehontie 17, 45200 Kouvola (map)
tel. +358 40 901 1304
VAT: FI17658343

Contact persons:

Heikki Hietala, tel. +358 40 901 1200
Jussi Markkanen, tel. +358 40 901 1206
Timi Nokso, tel. +358 40 750 7142

Warehouses in Kouvola

  • Alakyläntie 29 (map)
  • Kanervistontie 1 (map)
  • Tehontie 17 (map)

Warehouses in Lahti

  • Laitumenkatu 6 (map)
  • Vesijärvenkatu 4 (map)

Warehouse In Lappeenranta

  • Eteläkatu 6 (map)

Warehouse in Mikkeli

  • Karkialammentie, building 2 (map)

Warehouse in Kotka

  • Seppolantie 5 B (map)


Our storage facilities range in size from 1 m² to 20 m². The height of the premises is 3 meters.

Start whenever you want!

The premises are rented in monthly periods. Episodes are not tied to calendar months - you can start whenever you want!

Other payments:
  • First payment: One month's rent
  • Tax note 10 eur
Access to the stock

Kouvola: After concluding the contract and after paying the first month's rent, with a key card that you can pick up from our office (see contact information).
Kotka, Lappeenranta, Lahti ja Mikkeli: After entering into a contract and after paying the first month’s rent, with your own smartphone that you can use to unlock the electric lock.

Average space requirements

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