General rental conditions

1. Condition of storage and goods to be stored
The warehouse is leased in the condition it is at the time of concluding the contract. The rented space may only be used for the storage of dry general cargo. The storage of explosives and accessories related to their use (eg detonators, igniters), flammable or spontaneously flammable substances which pose a danger or harm to the environment or health, and all types of liquids is prohibited. Storage of goods elsewhere (corridors, common areas) other than in the warehouse mentioned in the lease is strictly prohibited. The goods found in these premises will be removed by the landlord and returned for a separate fee.

2. Heating, electricity and opening hours
Heating and lighting are included in the rental price. Other possible use of electricity must always be agreed separately with the landlord.
The storage facilities are closed at night, as well as at other times as may be specified by the landlord (eg maintenance work).

3. Locking, insurance and landlord liability
The landlord is not responsible for damage to or loss of goods stored in the tenant's warehouse. The tenant is responsible for adequately insuring the goods he has stored himself and for locking the door of the storage space he has rented with a padlock. If the tenant has not locked the door, the landlord will lock it and charge the tenant for the costs of the operation.

4. Storage space
Modifications to the storage space by the tenant are prohibited. At the end of the contract, the storage space must be returned to the lessor's control in the same condition as it was when the contract was made. Fixing to the floor, walls and ceiling and breaking them is prohibited. Any shelves in the storage area must be free-standing on the floor. The landlord has the right to go to the leased storage space due to the maintenance and repair measures necessary for the maintenance of the property.

Unnecessary idling and smoking of the car is prohibited indoors. The tenant must take care of the closing of the access and lifting door carefully during the visit to the warehouse, at the risk of damages.

5.1. Fixed lease
Ends in accordance with the agreement without notice after the tenant has emptied and cleaned the storage space, removed the door padlock and returned the front door key card by the last day of the contract period. Otherwise, the agreement will be amended in accordance with Section 5.2. lease for an indefinite period in accordance with

5.2. Lease valid until further notice
If the lease is not terminated, it will always continue for one month at a time, with one month's mutual notice. The lease agreement and the obligation to pay the rent are considered terminated only when the tenant has fulfilled section 5.1. transfer arrangements and conditions in accordance with

6. Payment of rent
The tenant will be given a key card and the right to manage the rental space when the terms of the agreement are valid. The terms of the agreement are met when the agreement is signed by the parties and the tenant has paid the first rent and the advance payment and key card deposit. The rent is paid once a month by the due date to an account designated by the landlord in domestic payment transactions.

If the rent is not paid in accordance with the agreement, the landlord has the right without separate notice:

- Close the access right of the key card to the external doors, and reserve the warehouse with its own lock. Upon opening the lock, the landlord charges a lock fee according to the price list. To complete the opening, the landlord reserves a delivery period of 1 week.
- Terminate the contract immediately.
- Charge the notice fee / opening fee according to the price list, as well as interest on arrears with collection costs for overdue rents.
- The right of realization of all goods stored by the tenant, collecting the obligations under this agreement with transaction costs. The rest will be billed to the customer upon request.

The tenant's settlement request and any comments on the realization must be made within six (6) months of the landlord's notification. Otherwise, the right to settlements is considered lost.

7. Return of rent guarantee and key card deposit
The rent guarantee and key card deposit will be returned when the tenant has completed section 5.1. transfer arrangements and conditions in accordance with

If necessary, the landlord has the right to set off open receivables in question. returns. The condition of the refund is that the tenant has provided the bank account number.

8. Assignment of the Agreement
The tenant is not entitled to transfer the lease to a third party without the written consent of the landlord. In case of doubt, the landlord has the right to close the access to the storage space. The landlord is not liable for damages or delays caused by technical failure, etc. in accordance with the principles of force majeure.

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